B A N D   M E M B E R S

(from left) God Maishandamu - Guitar / God Tronk Inrubas - Vocals, Piano & Bass / God Srtymourjn - Vocals, Guitar / God Srudogit - Drums


T H E   R I S E

The initial idea of the Los Angeles based rock band, THE GOD, was devised on September 11, 2001 by God Tronk Inrubas as a reaction to the religious politics behind the tragic terrorist attacks on the United States. Over the next few years, Inrubas spent his time studying the concepts of many different religions and philosophies. After comparing fundamental concepts and core teachings of each believe, it became apparent that the most important and consistent message was love. With the vision of helping the world to become a better place, THE GOD focuses on sharing alternative views on superhuman controlling powers and infuses its music with philosophical ideas about the improvement of the only valuable entity on earth - life! "Within everyone and everything lies the responsibility to be your own God," explains Inrubas the concept behind the band's name THE GOD.


THE GOD stands for defeating inter-religious hatred and fosters a new consciousness of tolerance between people of disparate backgrounds and cultures. While God Tronk Inrubas' teachings are based on an agnostic worldview, he focuses on reality and doesn't shy back expressing his personal visions and ideals to reach - and bring people together with broad questions about spirituality, human nature and a fulfilling way of life. "We promote the world as one entity rather than try to separate humankind into smaller, feuding divisions," assures Inrubas.


God Tronk Inrubas in 2003

(Photo by Alfred Perner)

The God in 2006. From the left: God Masishandamu, God Tronk Inrubas, God Trip The Third, God Mike Mitchell, God Srtymourjn and God Pat Hoven.

(Photo by Roman Weinberg)




As soon as God Tronk Inrubas (Vocals, Keys) found the fitting band members in God Srtymourjn (Guitar), God Maishandamu (Guitar), God Trip The Third (Drums), God Mike Mitchell (Bass) and God Pat Hoven (Piano) at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, THE GOD released the first single "Three Days Of Love" in spring 2005. Overwhelmed by the positive reaction of the vibrant Bostonian music scene, the band went back to the studio and recorded their first demo EP called "Demonstration of God". With this LP, THE GOD got signed to WBBS Records/ USA and released the album in summer 2007.  


In 2007, THE GOD moved to Los Angeles, CA. With their unique blend of pop harmonies, catchy hooks, memorable melodies, and a healthy dose of heavy metal aggression, THE GOD caught the TV and Film Industry's attention. The song "Sex Machine" got used on ABC Networks' "Day Break" (starring Taye Diggs) and "Nothing Fades" has a foreground placement in John Gulager's horror cult franchise Feast II: Sloppy Seconds.




By 2008 after successful concert series in Southern California, God Trip The Third decided to quit the band for personal reasons. THE GOD found a replacement in God Srudogit and started to work on the highly anticipated concept album "New Religion (The Book)" and "New Religion (The Chapters)."


THE GOD's new single "Drink, Drink, Drink" from the upcoming album, earned the band a spot among five finalists on the Howard Stern Band Contest. On March 4 th , 2010, they performed a premiere of the song on live broadcast from Howard Stern's Studios in New York City. Stern complimented Inrubas' vocal performance with " holy fuck you're doing great " and "God Tronk, I think you got something man!"


On December 21, 2012, THE GOD released an official pre-release called "Readings From The Book New Religion" as an appetizer for the full album. It features the world renowned cello virtuoso The Goddess Guo.


Yet another pre-release leaked on December 24th 2013 - this time a duet between God Tronk Inrubas and crossover artist, violin player and opera singer Maki called Black vs White.


The rise continues...


The God in 2009. From left: God Srudogit, God Maishandamu, God Tronk Inrubas, God Srtymourjn.

(Photo by Maryellen Topping)