The initial idea of the Los Angeles based rock band THE GOD was devised on September 11, 2001 by God Tronk Inrubas as a reaction to the religious politics behind the tragic terrorist attacks on the United States. Six years later, THE GOD released the first EP "Demonstration Of God" to make its contribution towards the defeat of inter-religious hatred by fostering a new


consciousness of tolerance between people of disparate backgrounds and cultures. With the vision of helping the world to become a better place, THE GOD focuses on sharing alternative views on religion and infuses its music with philosophical ideas about the improvement of the only important entity on earth - life!


F O R   Y O U R   E N T E R T A I N M E N T

<a href="">A Burning Heart by The God</a>


<a href="">Drink, Drink, Drink (Single - Radio Edit) by The God</a>



December 2013:


Check out our newest pre-relase Black vs White from New Religion with yet another amazing special guest - a duet between God Tronk and crossover artist, violin player and opera singer Goddess Maki.


December 2012:


Below you find the official pre-release "Readings From The Book New Religion" from our upcoming new record "New Religion" featuring special guest The Goddess Guo.

Download your free copy today and enjoy :-)



February 2012:


We are proud to announce our second special guest on the album, cello virtuoso The Goddess Guo. She will be also featured on the pre-release Readings From The Book New Religion, to be released 21 December 2012.

Be ready to sway away with her touch!

June 2011:


We are proud to announce our first special guest on the album, bass prodigy God Eloy Palacios (Stork, Schwarzenator, Venison). His contribution to the album is an honor to us and his bass solo on the song "Tolerance" will melt your faces. I can't wait to share it with all of you!


May 2011:


The God finally solved the dispute with WBBS Records/ USA and they are going back to the studio finishing up the anticipated album "New Religion".

September 2010:


The release of our new concept album "New Religion - The Book" as well as the online release of "New Religion - The Chapters" got postponed due to contractual issues with WBBS Records/ USA. Thank you for your patience and we'll keep you posted on the progress. Truly yours, God Tronk Inrubas

March 2010:


Even though The God didn't get the most votes in the final of The Howard Stern Show Band Contest March 4th, it was a great success.

Howard Stern took liking in God Tronk Inrubas and complimented his live performance of "Drink, Drink, Drink" with "nice job, holy fuck you're doing great" and "Tronk, you got something going on!"

Listen to The God on the Howard Stern Show here.

Read the blog about it here.

Picture above: God Tronk Inrubas (4th from left) with the other four finalists (bands) and Sal as Houini in Howard Stern's studio.

Picture to the right: God Tronk making fun of Sal's "outfit".


(Both pictures are property of The Howard Stern Show)


February 2010:


The God are among the five finalists of the Howard Stern Band Contest. God Tronk Inrubas & God Srtymourjm will travel to New York City to perform "Drink, Drink, Drink" live on The Howard Stern Show on March 4th.

Our first single "A Burning Heart" from the upcoming album "New Religion" is featured on the special edition of "Regarding Jenny" starring Marie Madison (Maddy G Productions).

Januray 2010:


The release of our new album "New Religion" is scheduled for this summer, August 11th 2010 (WBBS Records/ USA). It will be a concept album that critically discusses the 10 commandments.

First of all a Happy New Year to everyone. I apologize for taking the official The God website down for a little while - we had to remodel and update a few things. I hope you'll enjoy the new look. Yours, God Tronk Inrubas